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OEM Black Subaru LGT Mesh Grille and availablility?


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I was just reading the Photo Gallery thread for the Spec B at LGT.com and came across this LOVELY specimen. Its a grille option offered in the Aussieland. I wanted to know here if anyone knows if that can be ordered from Subaru in the US or otherwise? What other ways could you go about getting that grille. Seriously I need that? I feel like god damn Smiegel (SP?) all of a sudden. Its "my precious". If any LGT vendors can get this OEM part, please PM.


Pic for reference:








Please help!!!! AHHHHHHHH :icon_evil:icon_mrgr

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Unless you have an Outback, or have imported a Spec B bumper from another country...


That grille will not fit the USDM GT, 2.5i, nor the other countries' 2.0i, or non-Spec B 2.0GT or 3.0R.


There are for all intents and purposes, two sizes of grilles for the legacy platform, Small and Large. Large is a bit taller vertically, and the same width. (hoodline is the same, bumper grille opening dips down further for a larger opening)


Small: 2.0i, 2.5i, 2.0GT, 2.5GT, 3.0R Legacy, and 2.5 GT Spec B for the US Market.


Large: 2.0 GT Spec B, 3.0R Spec B, Legacy Blitzen, All Outback models.


Most aftermarket body kits from japan that don't have the grille integrated into the bumper cover, will say whether they fit the Spec B, or the non-Spec B grille.


Another note, is due to the US bumper design, there tends to be fitment issues, with panel gaps, even when using a correct size grille from Japan. The possibility exists also with the Outback, but Red Beast's USDM 3.0R Outback sedan fits a lighter color of the pictured mesh grille, and it seems to fit well.

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Thanks for all the info guys. So what I am hearing is that unless I do a whole front bumper conversion to Euro Spec, there is no good fit for this grille on the current bumper. That chrome thingy they give us on the USDM one is just killing me.


Rommel, have a Q for you. PM sent.


Thanks Alex

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it is also jdm


i took off the badge, one screw, and bought a new rear badge.


misted with black paint, clearcoat, and 3m taped it on.


the bezel area is a dark charcoal not black. the grill mesh is black



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