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Side Mirror Glass part number #

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So I shattered my passenger side mirror glass, and my mechanic is having trouble ordering the correct part #.


Can anyone help me figure out the correct part #?


I have a 2016 Legacy 2.5i Premium with auto dimming mirrors, and without eyesight.


My mechanic gave the dealership my vin and they sent him, part #91039AL03A. Which was wrong because while it lacks the auto dimming and approach light. https://parts.subaru.com/p/Subaru_2016_Legacy-Premium-Sedan-25L-CVT-4WD/MIRROR-REPAIR-RIGHT/60018953/91039AL03A.html


So he called back, and they told him he needed to order a $150 or a $180 one but they weren't sure which one, so he'd need to order both and return one. They didn't give him part #'s. I'm probably better off just going to the dealership to have it replaced, but the dealership is far so I'd like to make sure they order the correct part before I go.


That seems expensive to me given the fact don't both mirrors cost $200 originally? I'm assuming I have part# J201SAL000 (J201SAL001) installed now? https://parts.subaru.com/p/Subaru_2016_Legacy/Exterior-Auto-Dimming-Mirror-with-Approach-Light/62905679/J201SAL000.html


So I need the part # for just the repair glass assuming you can buy just 1 side of the auto-dimming and don't have to buy the entire package again.


The only other part#'s I've been able to find are.


#91039AL03A https://parts.subaru.com/p/Subaru_2016_Legacy-Premium-Sedan-25L-CVT-4WD/MIRROR-REPAIR-RIGHT/60250047/91039AL17A.html

For $80 but that looks like it's just the blindspot detection I don't have and doesn't have the automdimming so I'm pretty sure that's wrong.



#91039FL03A for a 2018 but there's no picture or description https://parts.subaru.com/p/Subaru_2018_Legacy-Premium-Sedan-25L-CVT-4WD/MIRROR-REPAIR-RIGHT/68013529/91039FL03A.html


#J201SAL002 (J201SAL001; J201SAL003) this one seems to overlap in part #? it's also only $180



Thank you for any help you can give me. You guys are the best.

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I would pop the mirror glass off and see if there are any markings on the back, any part numbers. I feel like it might be molded into the plastic, but maybe I'm wrong. Doesn't look hard to pop off, worth a try.






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Here is the part number for heated defrost, blind spot, approach lighting and auto dimming mirrors. I have a 2017, which is identical to your 2016. Hope this helps, although I understand you don’t have blind spot. May help you narrow it down.





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Thanks for the install document, It looks simple enough, maybe I'll just end up ordering another set of both mirrors and doing the install myself, if the dealership price isn't reasonable.


Mine is actually hanging from the wires, it got knocked out of the housing and shattered, I'm assuming the clips are broken. I don't see any part #'s on the back of it.

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I just talked to dealership. Although they are terrible about answering their phone, so it was actually the Lexus parts guy from the dealership who answered the phone.

I believe the part I need is #J201SFL202. The annoying thing is it's $150 from the dealership special order, it seems like it probably doesn't make sense to spend that much on 1 mirror, when the original package with both mirrors is $180 from dealership. And if I buy online w/shipping I think it's going to be $125 for 1 mirror or $160 for both.


LOL anyone need a driver's side mirror glass? I'll sell it at a steep discount.


@jsmith I'm assuming the SAL in your picture means the original two pack. and the SFL in the one he gave me is the replacement for 1 side. I'm starting to learn how to decode subaru part numbers. I'm thinking when they put 00,01,02,03 at the end, those might just be revision numbers. at first i thought they were left and right but I think left and right have same #

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Hey so I discovered something interesting today. One of my local dealerships gives discounts to online parts and accessory orders, but then usually when you add the ridiculously high shipping back in it ends up the same or more than buying it straight from the dealer or ebay/amazon. BUT I discovered today, when I went to check out online, that there's an option checkbox hidden in the shipping address section to do local pickup instead for free. So I ended up ordering the 2 pack of mirrors, for basically the same price as amazon, but picking up at the dealership, where the service department, said they'd install it for free.


Cost to buy from dealer $210+tax (which had to special order and have it shipped anyways)

Cost to buy online and have shipped $183+tax

Cost to buy online and pickup at dealer $160+tax

Amazon/ebay $160 no tax, but it will take 1-2 weeks to get it.


so yea for the future online +pickup is definitely the way to go for most parts.


Also I now own an extra driver's side auto-dimming mirror, so hit me up if you need 1 cheap.

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