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Help with LGT Manual Part Out pricing

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Trying to wrap my head around this one, I do Subaru's for a living (Fix mostly and buy/sell). I bought a 2006 LGT Manual that took a front end hit w/ the intent to fix however frame is compromised.

So I basically have a 120K mile car I drove into my shop and now my thoughts are to remove the Trans w/ diff, driveshaft, rear diff and cosmetically remove the wiring harness loaded w/ ecu.

What do you guys think this is worth? It's a good bit of work is why I am trying to get an idea. Thanks in advance for any feedback

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Trans is worth several hundred bucks, depending on who needs it. The other stuff will sit on the shelf for a long time and probably net you under $500.


Depending on what all is usable and how you are able to package it, the most profitable way to sell it might be to someone who is looking to build a kit car of some sort. Sell the whole thing as a donor for that type of project.

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Not currently in stock :(

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