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Waterless Carwashes?

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anyone who has experience with those waterless carwash products (shown on PAC.com, specifically).


how are they? i would imagine sucha product would cause scratches because of the lack of liquid to run off most dirt particles/leaves/whatnot like a full powered hose is able to do. i only inquire because i live in northern nj, and us north eastcoast guys know that washes during the fall/winter season are very uncfomy because of shitty weather. being able to doa waterless in the garage seems so conveniant, is there a catch? any downside?



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QEW for teh win!


All the "cool" kids use it. ;) If my car is especially dirty, then I'll run it through a touchless (the cheapest without even a dry) first to get the big stuff off, then use QEW. I used QEW almost exclusively all summer with very very little scratching or swirling. The only time I really got scratches is when I used dirty towels to dry (they didn't look that dirty, but I knew better).

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