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Guys need tire help fast!


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I had a minor "issue" and I am getting adjusted for 2 new rims and 2 new tires. The rims will be Subaru stock GT Rims so whatever they cost they cost and will be covered. They weren't sure how much the RE92 were to replace so on the estimate they put $165 per tire.


So my body shop will have $330 for new tires. I can either have them get 2 new RE92's or get 4 new tires with that $ and I might have to chip in a bit.


I am in NJ so I need a decent all season tire like a Pilot A/S but they are too pricy and don't come in stock size. Is there any good all season slightly performance tire like the Pilot A/S at a good price in stock size that you guys recommend that I could tell my auto body guy to get instead?




I need help on this pronto so I can call him back.


I will run these tires that I get all year round on stock rims and stock ride height.

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ok well any way I look at it I can't get RE92's since they are discontinued. I would have to get RE92A's which wouldn't work since I will have different tires. I am forced to replace all for for $330 credit


Where is the cheapest I could get the Pzero Nero's anyone know. Sometimes tirerack isn't the cheapest

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I'd have gotten the P-Zeros if my daily commute weren't <10 miles - that would have given the tires more than enough time to pound-out. Alas, having the *possibility* (again, reports of flat-spotting have been inconsistent at best, but still definitely among the majority) of overnight flat-spotting, particularly in my climate, was worrisome with my rather short 5-day/week work commute.


Top condenders based on LGT.com? I'd definitely say either the P-Zeros or the Proxes 4s - both are "Ultra High Performance All-Season" tires.


If you are trying to work within a budget and wouldn't mind trading off decreased dry-grip and a little wet cornering grip for some added wet straight-line stability and snow capability, then a "downgrade" to Falken Ziex ZE512s, a "High Performance All Season," can be a good compromise.


I'm riding on the latter in 225/45/17 fitment.

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You can get the Toyo's for $109 ea, mounted/balanced! It is Tire& Wheel Connection in Lodi, NJ. Give em a call! No One offers them for less than this guy!


I had them, but I gave them back, because of the noise/humming, plus the squishy feeling sidewall. I currently have the Pzero's, and they blow the Toyo's away in feel, and most likely are better in the numbers as well.


Mine flat spot too, but are gone within a few miles of driving.


PS I also have an ETD Tire by me, that said he would price match! So try them as well. It is the one in Wayne, NJ!

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