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JDM OEM rim and USDM OEM rim

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had a discussion with a co-worker today about how company's may have a different standard

for a certain product they produce depending on which part of the world they are selling to.


does anyone know if a JDM OEM rim is exactly the same as the USDM OEM version?

for example, would the 2005 LGT 5 spoke 17" rim be made with the exact same alloy? exact same weight?


I'm guessing they're the same...but considering North American standards and climate

is different than Asia...I'm kinda curious, since I see a lot of ads in the classifieds for JDM OEM rims.

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I think most of those posts you're seeing are for different OEM Option wheels not the exact same wheels we got in the US. The JDM cars got a lot of different options for wheels than the US did.

2005 Vader Wagon

Material Tests on Ringland Failure Piston

I should have held off and purchased a wagon instead of the spec.B
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hey magnus, thanks for chiming in...I'm not wondering about the different styles of OEM

rims that the Japanese market has over the US market.


I'm wondering if there's any difference in specs (alloy mixture or weight) for the same style OEM rim.


my 07 wagon came with OEM 5 spoke 17" rims (same as the 2005 LGT 5 spoke 17" rim)...

and I'm thinking of getting a another set of this style of rim for winter tires.


I see a lot of these same style rims being imported from Japan on Kijiji...

and I'm just wondering if they're exactly the same.


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