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GB: weekend at skii resort


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Who would be interested in renting a townhouse or condo at a skii resort this winter as sort of a meet of NE legacy owners.. I have looked into pricing and it anywhere from 130$ a night to $900 a night.

Im just gauging interest. Obviously, there will be drinking and bad language at night, but familys would be more than welcome during the day for a barbecue. let me know..

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I can't see pay'n since my family has a condo on the Loaf, right off Buckboard.....We have so many friends that go up, and rent it out to not so good friends (LOL) that I'm try'n to see if I can get us up there........all it would cost is everyone bring some food/beer and pay for you tickets......we can sleep 7 comfy....without sharing beds.....it's a pretty big place 3 bathrooms so that wouldnt' be a problem ;)


Anywho....def go forward with this Idea as I don't know what I can pull it off since ski season is right around the corner.....but Like I said, I can't see pay'n when I've got a condo and season pass....if you guys do go to the loaf, I will make SURE I'm there at the same time :D

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All right, I just got FREAKED out :eek: ! Although I want to go to the Loaf as I love it up there, I was going to also suggest the Mount Washington Valley area as I used to own a condo up in Bartlett which I sold when we bought a lake house 3 years ago. So I go to The Seasons of Attitash web site to check rates and I click on the Lodging link, http://www.seasonsatattitash.com/lodging.html, and my jaw drops! The second and third pictures of the group of 3 are my old unit, 6E :eek: :eek: ! The second is the loft area and I nailed those skis and poles on the wall. It is EXACTLY as we left it in the pic. The third is the living area below the loft. Again, I nailed up the skis and snow shoes and that ugly basket of flowers which came with the place and I always told my wife I was going to throw away is exactly where we left it. The "Townhouse" picture, again, is our old unit. I nailed up those Ansel Adams pics and bought the floor lamp in the corner at Ames. We left the furniture, but it looks as if they replaced it as the white couches are new. That ugly flower material was there when we moved in and apparently is still there.
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