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05 06 TO 08 09 steering column SWAP


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i m starting this thread but will update later , as i m frustrated for now , i fail !

is not often this day that i have the chance to work on my car and this was not easy as i was thinking !


the reason for swaping the column is to have the steering closer to you for a better driving position , this apply to me and is different for everybody , but usually taller people will want that .


05 06 column have a tilt ajustment and 08 09 have tilt and extension .

maybe one of many other reason why you should shop for an 2008 up legacy !


so i will devellop in this thread , the difference between and the work needed to succeed . from what i saw is not impossible .

also if somebody already did it please share here .



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the bottom of the column look kind different but is the same diameter .


the 2006 on the right seat on the bushing horn part# 34361AG000 .the end of the column is metal rounded and seat directly on the bushing that is inserted ont he firewall .


the 2008 have white bushing ,the metal end is not round , but i dont see this part on the diagram.

the diagram give only BUSHING-HORN #34361AG010 ( look same kind as 2006)




from what i see there is no problem here the withe collar can seat on the horn bushing .



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one issue is that the tubing diameter of the 2008 column is bigger , cause the add of the mechanism to be able to extend .


so the issue is the interaxial distance of fixation hole is different .

i didn t mesure exactly unfortunately .


so have to find a solution for that .


one option will be to swap BEAM COMPLETE-STEERING (#50801AG02A9P for 2006 ) (#50801AG05A9P for 2008)


2008 measure




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The first thing that i noticed when i removed the steering was the diameter of the end column .


2006 is a smaller diameter than 2008 .








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you can swap your , simply unscrew the round head bolt with a punch and hammer , is not very hard . replace bolts with #83140GA000.


2008 lock .








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an other problem would be the wiring .

from what i saw the wiring on the 2006 is not so loose to extend . it can be possible if you untape all and strech a little . can not be sure a this point .

one solution will be to extend the the wiring , using the wiring from the 2008 .


IMG_4209.thumb.JPG.b102d454afa620367ece3297e39a6009.JPGbottom left 2008






extension IMG_4239.thumb.JPG.f6b7969f9e90b4a7a08cf9f18fd1c886.JPG

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if you swap all this you will have also to swap the panels trim !!


cover steering column are bigger so i dont think it will fit with the 05 06 lower steering panel .

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Overall length L: 2006 tilt only

Standard value

Except for the OUTBACK model

833.6 +1.3 mm –0.3 mm (32.82 +0.051 in –0.020 in )


825.4 +1.3 mm –0.3 mm (32.50 +0.051 in –0.020 in )




Standard: Overall length L 2009

Tilt & telescopic column (measure the minimum


Except for OUTBACK model

818.6+1.5 mm

–1.5 mm (32.23 +0.059 in

–0.059 in)


810.4+1.5 mm

–1.5 mm (31.89 +0.059 in

–0.059 in)

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2006 lenght is 833.6 mm

2009 lenght is 818.6 mm


adding a 40 mm travel to 818,6 = 858.6


its 25 mm more than the 2006


did i miss something ?


so the colum for a 2008 can be 25 more or 15 shorter than a 2006 .

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legacy 2014

Standard: Overall length L

Tilt and telescopic column (measure while minimized)



legacy 2015

Standard: Overall length L

Tilt (measure at the neutral position) and telescopic column (measure at the longest position)

857.1+1.5 –1.5 mm

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Have you considered modifying the 08/09 column to telescope further out? From the looks of it, looking at mine in the car, it just slides on a slot, its limited by the end of the slot so if you were able the extend that slot it would pull out further towards the driver.


The only safety concern would be the internal shaft. I assume it would be a rod sliding into a rod. If there is enough overlap to safely allow the steering wheel to come out more then you could do what I said above. I wouldn't expect to be able to gain much more then an inch, possibly 2 inches. But it all depends how much the one rod would be inside the other when fully extended.


If not you could likely lengthen the internal rod but that's getting a but more involved and a bit more precise custom piece.


First thing would be to take it apart and see if there is a enough overlap.

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yes , that more easy way and it s possible .

the two rods have room to be extended , it s just a safety point how far you can go , the only concern will be flex if you go very far since the there only bearing at the end of each section .


i figured that i need a other column so i can merge the slot section and add a tube section to the lower tube .


an inch can be add safely , what is already very good .

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That's great madrig! How far does the inner shaft/lower section go into the outer shaft/upper section when extended all the way out originally? And how far does the inner shaft/lower section go into the outer shaft/upper section when extended at the maximum stretch that you have in the last picture?


Just to clarify I'm talking about how much the splined shaft goes into male end goes into the splined female end.


If those shafts have enough overlap when extended to the maximum as you show in the last picture, which I'm guessing is an inch or 2? Extending the lower section to support the upper section should be easy enough.


If there isn't enough overlap then we would need to extend it somewhere else or find a longer shaft that fits.


Either way its definitely possible just depends on how much work.


If it can be extended safely, I would say adding a piece of tubing here would make sense. Mind the terrible paint picture.


Other option is add a piece of tube to the end and cut off the bracket and move it.



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it s possible for sure . dont have time to play with that for now .

i know i can get one inch safely , what is enough for me .


yes is good to extend the steering , better position leg , but the problem is the shifter that at one point will be to far !

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I've seen your build thread so I do see you are busy with other things.


Ideally I would love to have an extra steering column to measure, play with and modify but I don't.


I will however pull mine out a make the modifications if I have enough info ahead of time.


My main and really only concern is how much overlap is left if the top of the column gets pulled out further.


So in the bellow picture the top represents stock, middle represents pulling the opt out further for the extension at a safe amount and the third picture is showing what would be not enough overlap and therefore unsafe.


So if you could get the measurement in blue for stock and then extended 1 inch that would be really helpful.



After laying on my back looking at how it mounts for a bit longer I also realized the mounting point would need to be moved so an adapter plate would be needed. In your case (or anyone putting an 08/09 column in a 05-07) you need an adapter plate due to the hole spacing being wider on the 08/09 column also.


Neither the 1 inch tube extension or the adapter plate are that hard to make thankfully. Of course the tube extension would need to be welded in.


I'll definitely go ahead and modify my column once I have enough info to know its safe to do so.


Thanks for the help madrig


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i take sometime to look again , as the idea never died , i can confirm that the extension on a 08 is one inch more than the 06 .

the idea to gain a little more can be done by extending the collaspsing section and relocate the the two mounting point bacward .

for somebody that just want swap , the mounting point on the dash beam , that are wider on 08 , can fit , i think , by ovaling the mounting on the column . is not a too big difference .

an other issue i try to figurate is , can the cover panel can slide under the dash , since the 06 do not . dash wil maybe need some trim .



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