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08 3.0R ~130k miles?


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Hello everyone!

2008 Legacy 3.0R Limited

I'm looking into buying a used car and this Legacy has truly peaked my interest. I really love the look and all of the features have drawn me in. I am here to ask the Subaru pros some advice. The car has 129.3k miles. As this will be my second car ever, first being a 1999 Toyota rav 4 that was given to me. It is my first time buying a used car. I have already called this dealer and they say it was in a rear end collision but the vehicle was driveable and sustained no major damage. What are your opinions on how reliable this vehicle will stay? How long before I long do i have until expensive repairs begin to apppear? (~$500+).


Here is the dealers listing on their website, for all pics!




Also the dealer told me over the phone they would sell it for $6500 if paid in all cash. Think i could get them down to $6k?


Thank you all for your help!


Much Love,


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Looks great! Price is great the H6 engine isnt one to worry too much about being a grenade unlike the Turbo 2.5 at that mileage on a used lot. As always go put your hand it! Drive it listen for bearing humming or roaring, make sure it shifts smoothly, all items works etc. Check the maintenance record should be a consistent trail of services. $6K is doable they already came off the price $500 and they prob got that car at auction for waay less.


If it checks out mechanically sound it cant hurt to try:)

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Just have it looked over to make sure it was taken care of, no leaks at the head/block mating areas, no headgasket sealer in the coolant. Oil leaks on the timing chain cover and valve covers are fairly common on the H6 so be prepared there. Otherwise they are generally good vehicles.
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That price is a steal for that car in my opinion. There was probably less than 200 made of that color with those options. It's a very reliable car, BUT that depends on the service performed. Here are some things to look for...


Exhaust - Take it for a drive and get it warmed up good. Listen for any rattles in the 1500-2000rpm range. The exhausts can be a few hundred dollars to replace on these cars and there is not much aftermarket support available for it. I've put two on mine so far with 125K miles on it.


Suspension - This car should have Bilstein suspension on it. You can tell by the yellow struts. If they are not yellow, someone has replaced them at some point. If they are yellow, and have not been replaced, they are more than likely shot and need to be replaced. OEM shocks are about $800-$1000 and aftermarket are about $500. This does not include labor.

If the LCA bushings are original, they are also probably due for replacement.


CV Joints - This is about the mileage when the inner CV boots start to leak on the front CV joints. The inner joints sit right above the exhaust and it cooks them. Replacement is in the $50-$1000 range depending on who you buy them from and if you just replace the boots or the whole shaft.


Cooling system - The 3.0R has metal pipes that pump coolant from the heater core to the front of the engine. They rust out if the car has been in a climate with salt. About $200 in parts to replace them and the engine has to be jacked up in the air to replace one unless you cut out the bad part and splice in a hose.


Head Gaskets - There is a lot of controversy on head gaskets on these cars. Some say they are junk and need to be replaced at 100K, others say Subaru fixed the problem with this engine. Nobody knows for sure??? That can be a $1000 plus job to repair. Check around the head mating surfaces for leaks or sealant as mentioned above.



Everything else is pretty typical of a used car. Check transmission shifting, check for engine leaks, check for random noises and clunks, etc.

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Good luck with the new ride, but if you din't purchase a car yet and are still looking here is a good site that I use all the time:





There seems to be a bunch on there, good luck with the search.

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