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2006 -2009 Legacy 2.5i - Oil Pan Sealer Bead

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I'm going to use Fuji ThreeBond 1215 Gray Silicone Sealer:


If you have ever used this sealer, I have a few questions.


Oil Pan:


1. How wide of a "bead" to you run around the base of the Oil Pan?

2. Do/Did you run the bead "around" the mounting bolts, or just one side (inner or outer).

3. How did it hold up to leaks?



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You'll want to put a good size bead, say a 1/4" bead. go on both sides of the blots, it can't hurt.


Let it tack up for about 15 minutes then install the pan.


If you don't break the bead when installing the pan it should not leak.

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Awesome, Thank you very much.


The Fuji ThreeBond 1215 Gray, that I picked up was messed up when I got it.


I opened it up, attached the plastic applicator, cut the tip off to make a fine bead.

As I started to put down the bead, I noticed that the silicone had broken down. Part oil, part gray stuff. I'm no chemist but this should not be happening. If these parts separate it will not cure like it is suppose to, and not bond. I checked the expiration date, it is 08/2017. I thoroughly cleaned the pan off and wiped the pan lip with Lacquer thinner thoroughly. I will get the THREE BOND TB1217H (NEW FUJI BOND) and hope this does not happen. They say it is a bit thicker, but it uses a caulking gun to get a nice steady bead.

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The fsm says 1217C, but I can't find that, so I wonder if 1217H replaced it. Reading the description for 1217H it sounds like it should work fine.. Then there's also this document from subaru that lists alternate materials if you can't get what subaru recommends.



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Probably a little late, but permatex right stuff grey(import) does an awesome job in place of the three bond. We have used both and have seen no difference between the two. I like that there is no wait time before you install the part and vehicle can be put back into use right away.
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