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17 Legacy 3.6r pricing


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I have a price on a loaded 17 Legacy 3.6r $30,750


This is the link




How good a deal is this. I was really hoping for an 18 with carplay, does anybody know when these will be out and how much more of a premium I will pay for an 18??




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$30,750 by my calculations seems like a really good deal to me. Sticker is $34055 on that model and at that price its about 3% below invoice not including the $600 or so of accessories. The Subaru probably has dealer incentives for Legacy's for the dealer to offer it at that price, because that is getting really close the dealer not making money once they pay the sales person.


I would expect that initially that 2018 would not be quite a discounted as much; 750-1000 is probably more likely.

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