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New spec.B


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Keep an eye out for my car making its way to Jacksonville on a car carrier in a couple of weeks. Just put the deposit down on it. I'll get pics up as soon as they put up a Sticky: official titanium silver metallic forum! :lol:


Angel, the "LeggyMom"

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Guest *Jedimaster*
Lucky, lucky bastard, or bitch judging by the name... Keep us all posted and with lots of pics and yea, how much did they clip you?

:lol: We'll need pix to verify :lol:

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Wow, congrats!! Definitely take pics and post them in the Legacy Photos forums (and put a link here to that post).


Do you know what # out of 500 your car will be?


(P.S. You might want to look for a crushed beer can behind your bumper... maybe that will be signed too :p:lol: )

-=- Livin life at 140 BPM -=-

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how much did u pay?


Got the vehicle pipline reportl here... here's what we got:


Model code: 6AS

Model description: 2006 Legacy 2.5GT Spec.B 5MT

Ext color: SXV Titanium Silver Metallic

Accessory: 6SK Spoiler, K4E Auto-dimming mirror/compass, K5C center armrest extension, R6G security system upgrade


MSRP: $35,476


And since I'm a preferred customer (my husband just bought an STi from there in March), I made an end run around the manager before he got a chance to tack on the dealer upcharge (in upwards of $1000 - $2500) and took my bill to the window.


You know... I'm not sure what sequential number it is. I think I have the VIN, but I don't see where it could be a number between 1 and 500. If anyone knows how to decode a VIN, let me know and I'm sure I'll be able to figure out which one it is.


So, lucky bitch is right, I guess!


And I will certainly post pics as soon as it arrives.


And what's this about a signed beer can?


Angel, the "LeggyMom"

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