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I have an obscenely long commute to work so I listen to audio books or podcasts. But I'm needing more suggestions for podcasts. What do you listen to or recommend?


Things I've enjoyed:

Radio lab

Snap judgment

99% invisible


Planet money

Lime town

Science Friday

Comedy of some sort


Things I do not enjoy listening to:


News (especially depressing news)

Self help

"This American Life" or what I call "how to feel depressed in less than 60 minutes." Seriously, I can't believe how popular that podcast is.

TED talks (95% are garbage...)


I'd like to get more stuff like comedy or story based podcasts but there's a million out there and it seems most are recorded on a 1987 boom box on tape... recommendations?

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I do the same, but most of the podcasts are car related for some reason.


Cars Yeah

Dinner with Racers

Car Talk

StarTalk Radio

Bourbon Pursuit

How to do Everything

Stuff You Should Know

The Message


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+1 for The Smoking Tire. Been listening since day 1 when they were sitting around Matt's living room taking bong rips and talking about cars they'd driven. Now it's a lot more professional and they have a lot of interesting guests on, but they're still hilarious and massively entertaining.


Hooniverse is pretty good too and features a lot of the same people as TST like Zack and Chris. Tends to be a bit more focused on cars, whereas TST goes off on (often amazing and hilarious) tangents.


Joe Rogan Experience is great when he has a guest that intrigues me. Mostly comics and UFC-related guests (whom I almost always skip) but they do get a decent variety and he seems to pump out episodes with a pretty good frequency.

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If your interested in the car "industry" and enjoy listening to owners talk about how they got there etc


Check out -Do it for a living-




Providing unmatched customer service and a Premium level of Dyno/E-tuning to the Community




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