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Silicone Hose Kit Layout

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Alright, so I while back I bought a bunch of silicone hose kits from Samco as part of a group buy (http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/samco-hoses-finished-213287.html). I believe there are also a few other options besides Samco to get a bunch of silicone hoses. For example, here's another thread that I think is selling a similar product from Free Range Racing (http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/initial-sale-thread-05-09-lgt-complete-engine-silicone-hose-225429.html). Other options may exist also. Regardless, hopefully this will be helpful to folks that want to replace any hoses, either with aftermarket silicone options, or even just OEM rubber as well.


Unfortunately, my hose kits did not come with any instructions or locations for the various hoses. Now there are several threads on here that refer to these hoses, but I was unable to find a comprehensive listing of what is what and where it goes. Now, I don't actually know the answer to what all of these are and where they go, so I was hoping that we could hivemind an answer for each of these. I am currently in the process of swapping out my turbo and also swapping out my tgvs, so I'm hoping to replace as many of these as possible as I go. If you know what any of these hoses are or where they're supposed to go, please feel free to share and I'll update as we go. If you have any corrections or better names for anything, I'd love to hear that too. Fyi ... I have a 2005 Legacy GT. Now, this is going to be fairly similar for a number of 2.5L Subaru engines, so hopefully it translates to other model years as well, though there may be some differences.


So here we go:


1. Turbo Coolant Reservoir to Radiator

2. Turbo Coolant Reservoir to Radiator Hard Line [coolant hose kit]

3. Upper Radiator Hose (id: 38mm) - (u) Engine Block to (u) Upper Radiator [Coolant Hose Kit]

4. Airbox Hose (Intake)

5. Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) Assembly (id: 16mm) - (u) Engine Block to (u) PCV valve [breather Hose Kit]

6. Lower Radiator Hose (id: 38mm) - (u) Engine Block to (u) Lower Radiator [Coolant Hose Kit]

7. Bypass Valve Hose - Turbo Inlet (11.f - largest nipple) to Bypass Valve [intercooler hose kit]

8. [breather hose kit]

9. Throttle Body Hose [intercooler hose kit]

10. Turbo Coolant Reservoir to Turbo

11. Turbo Inlet Hose - (a) Intake to (b) Turbo Compressor (cold side intake)




11.f. To 7. Bypass Valve Hose




14. (u) Radiator Hard Line to (u) Radiator Fill Cap [Coolant Hose Kit]

15. [vacuum hose kit]

16. Driver's Head Coolant Feed (id: 10mm) - (a) Turbo Coolant Reservoir to (b) Black Coolant Hardline (under intake manifold leading to driver's side head) [Coolant Hose Kit]


18. 3 x identical elbows [coolant hose kit]


20. [vacuum hose kit]

21. [vacuum hose kit]


23. [breather hose kit]




27. [coolant hose kit]

28. 2 x identical elbows [vacuum hose kit?]

29. Radiator Over Flow Hose (id: 7mm) - (a) Radiator Cap to (b) Radiator Overflow Tank (fits down in to the bottom) [Coolant Hose Kit]






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