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Warranty extension for 2005-2009 Subaru legacy and outback vehicle dashboard

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I got a letter in the mail yesterday with a form to fill out to validate the warranty but it's for everyone with the sticky/melted dash problems. I'll scan the letter and form tomorrow for you guys but I thought you would like to hear about this from another 4th gen member.


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I received a similar letter, but I think it's just to get reimbursed if you need to have the dashboard replaced. I'm pretty sure this is tied in with the airbag recall.

not quite... there are actually three other threads that have actively been posted in about this issue here:








basically there are two separate issues. an air bag RECALL and dash WARRANTY EXTENSION. Difference is only some cars will need the dash replaced due to melting (not everyone will have issues), the airbag is for everyone because its a safety thing. They are replacing the whole dash for those who are having issues with theirs. The dealer (and most owners) prefer to do both at once if they have having both issues.

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While my dashboard isn't sticky, the driver's side trim right below the window is definitely sticky. I went in for the airbag recall and asked about the trim and they came back and said that was not covered even though it's the same material.


To make matters worse, they damaged the dashboard and the A/C only comes out cold on the passenger side! It has been months and they keep telling me that they'll call me when a new dashboard is in. Is there a chance they didn't plug something in for the dual climate control and that's why the driver's side is not cold?

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