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Need a Bit O' Help


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I need someone with a '97, or similar body type LGT to take a pic looking down on the bumper beam. If you want to help, what I need specifically is for you to pop the hood, remove the grille (use a pair of needle nose pliers to squeeze the sides of the little hooks that hold the grille to the car) and then take a pic looking straight down at the bumper, where the grill would have been.


I think my car might have a modified bumper beam on it and I need to see if that is the case because I just got my Rallitek light bar in and I think I am missing the surface to mount it to and if thats the case, I'm going to where I bought the car to ask WTF aint my bumper beam right???


Thanks to anyone who helps

JDM'd All to hell


Thanks Jimmy @ Hkc-Speed.com!

RIP Coxx & Thanks

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