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Need to bring direct 12v into the cab

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Peel the carpet back from the passenger and drivers side and look for a rubber grommet with a wiring harness going through it. Typically, you can use a coat hanger to puncture the grommet or I actually have a fiberglass rod with a rounded tip that's specifically used for this purpose to push through and grab a hold of a wire you want to route from engine bay to interior. I haven't done this on a Legacy but this is your only option without drilling.
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If you only need less than 10A, use and add-a-fuse on the interior fuse panel. Just find a circuit with constant power such as the interior illumination circuit or door locks and tap into that. This way you avoid going thru the firewall.

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My solution is to have a slave battery in the trunk and charge it through the cigarette lighter outlet and an automatic separation relay that cuts the connection when the voltage falls below the charging level.



There's a minute or two that there's back-feed from the secondary battery into the cigarette plug, but that's not causing any major trouble.



I use that for ham radio operation.

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