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Octane and brewing

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If our LGT is 50% or more full of super (93 octane in my parts) is it sound logic/fuel mixing to be a New Englander (ie cheap) and put midgrade(89 octane) in to average out to 91 octane? We notice no difference in cars performance/mileage with this practice that saves us ~$1.00 at the pump.


My question is mixing a linear relationship?

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From what i've been told by people in the gas station business, the 'medium' grade pump gas is just a blend anyways - so yes, it should be fine to mix to achieve that 91 octane.



I would make sure to do half and half at each fillup, rather than filling up half with midgrade now, waiting for it drop half way, and the putting premium.. and alternating the cycle. But it sounds like you're not doing that anyways, so i wouldnt worry about it.



like Rclark said though, i dont think its worth it.

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