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outback lowering springs on legacy struts ?


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ok guys here is the 411. i have an 05 outback 2.5xt i have already installed 2.5i springs and struts along with some other goodies, however id like it to be firmer i still dont feel comfortable really ripping it in the corners. id like to know if anyone has used outback lowering springs on a legacy struts ?

my goal is to stiffen the ride but not go any lower due to bad pa roads.

my thinking is that since the legacy setup is good for 3 inch drop on outback and half is due to springs and half due to spring perch height on struts, so in theory a 1.5 drop spring on legacy struts should be same height but stiffer ????

ive already asked months ago on the official lowere outback thread but no answer

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If you can find outback lowering springs let me know...


Rallitek (super recently) and King both make stiffer springs for the Outback, but I don't think any of them are lowering springs.


Rallitek -




King -


Don't have personal experience with these (I used KSRS - King standard rear springs), but they may lower:



Not sure - about the fronts though. Search through the site / give them a call.

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not sure if yall noticed but im already lowered 3 inches on legacy struts and springs


so heavy duty outback springs or even oem outback springs will jack me up a lot.


im looking at outback lowering spring because i want to stay legacy height but stiffer. im ok with up to another half inch drop but no more than that, because my exhaust and front lip already scrape sometimes

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From what you are saying you really want, just go with coilovers. I run LGT-spec coils at max recommended height and a spacer front/rear and sit right around stock LGT height overall. But things look a bit more tucked with the OBK at my height compared to an LGT.


They make OBK spec coilovers as well if you are overly concerned about being too low.


From what I understand, running stock style struts with OBK springs (stock springs) would not jack you back up to OBK height

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Not currently in stock :(

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I did a Koni Insert...Yo...T.


It was with a 2" lifted King WRX spring. But it lowered the OB an 1"...it looks more like 2" compared to like a 2.5 Beaner.


But I had to cut the strut housing to length. The Koni insert is adjustable dampening. I haven't done the rear yet. Are you still using those primitive rear shims? That's where I got the Kings and Koni Inserts.


See 1st post....



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^^ No such thing as lowering springs for 3rd gen Outbacks. That's why OB2.5XT was saying if you find any let us know. ;)


King does make 2" lowering springs for an OB. Paul @ Primitive...HD spring rate. gtonstilts...that might be an option and use Koni inserts, cut the strut housing to what length you want.

CKE SSP product information and sales : chris.ckessp@gmail.com
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essentially what im really looking for is a stiffer LGT spring with very close to oem LGT ride height. i don't need inserts or shortend struts because im already on Legacy Struts with a lower perch. The closest thing ive been able to find is JDM STI MT wagon pink springs which are about an inch drop, which is to much its already -3'' so -4'' is nutz for PA roads lol


I have sent a message to a spring fabricator and told them i wanted a spring spec for LGT -10mm drop and JDM STI Pink wagon spring rate.


if i can get these at a decent price we will have a lovely addition to lgt suspension and or a 1.6 drop for OB. Ill Let yall know when i get a quote......

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