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projector headlight upgrade to HID


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It's not an upgrade just because it is aftermarket. I'm not the expert though, so I don't know for sure. There is an HID board that knows the most about this kind of thing. hidplanet.com or something like that I think.... You'll get lots of opinions here, but over there you'll get responses from people who may be a little more specialized in this area.


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50mm is way too small!!!!!!!!!!!!! we dont have xenon projectors in our car...well i do :) anyways a simple relay and harness is all thats needed to make them work safely and correctly. stock is about 60mm and the d2s xenon hella units in my car are about 75mm.


read the whole thread not just the first page.









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if you take a look under the coverof the under hood junction box, you will see theres a spot factory for "hid relay" of course.. its empty.. I do not know if the wires are ran or not, but I managed to retrofit mine start to finish including clearing the lenses in about 10 hours with a friend. This was w/o any instructions and a tube of silicone. I would post a how-to but I didn't take any pics of the process. However if you'd like, I can try to explain it when I have more time to type.


OH clarification of above, I retrofitted an aftermarket kit, not OEM... I re-read it and it sounded misleading heh


the stock reflectors are different than reflectors usually used for HIDs,I think... the reason I say that is because the top of the cutoff is yellow instead of blue, other than that, I can't tell a difference between my friends acura HIDs and my McCullochs..

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