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Highspeed steering shimmy/steering wheel play


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that is intermittent! it comes and goes.


89k miles


I have 2 week old summer tires that should be nicely balanced (alignment done also), also a new clutch and new rotors as of last month. Car is 99% but has this annoying steering wheel shimmy around 65mph. sometimes i will take a corner or swtich lanes and it goes away and the wheel feels solid and planted.


I have jacked the car and have no wheel play in tie rods, joints, bearings etc. My LCA bushings are prob shot, could these be responsible for this kind of steering play or should i look more towards steering rack bushings?

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now they are like month old tires and nicely balance. It feels more of like loose steering that happens and sometimes ill hit a turn or get on it and it changes to like the nice tight bmw steering feel and no shaking.
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