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Mirrorlink 1.1?

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So has anyone heard if Subaru is going to offer a patch/firmware update to upgrade from Mirrorlink 1.0 to Mirrorlink 1.1? Not exactly sure when 1.1 is officially released or if it is already, but where 1.0 supports just about nothing resembling a modern phone, Mirrorlink 1.1 supports quite a few (Samsung Galaxy S5 and S6, Note 4, etc.; HTC 1 M8, M9, etc.- even lists US versions (e.g., SM-G900V for the Galaxy S5 on Verizon, etc.)


Would be a shame if 1.1 is offered in the 2016, but the 2015 owners are stuck with the effectively non-functional 1.0 (not saying 1.1 actually works - that remains to be seen, I suppose - but it appears pretty clear that 1.0 does not)

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where can i find the link to download software
It usually automatically built into the phone software.


Laughing at oneself and with others is good for the Soul![emoji2]

Laughing at Oneself and with Other is good for the Soul😆
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