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Parking brake/rear backing plate

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Hey all hope someone has some experience with this...


Ebrake quit last year which is annoying because I park on grades a lot. Can't let the car run in the winter. And the rotors are kina sketch time for new pads n rotors.


K... I just did a wheel bearing in my brother's 2001 Forester. That stupid wheel bearing kicked my ass. Ended up destroying one bearing, two seals, and spent hours trying to get it apart, and back together and trips to the parts store (1 hour away) ended up costing around $250 and 20 hours, and I'd really like to beat multiple people for writing terrible online procedures for this that caused me to damage the car, and I'd like to beat OTC for writing a procedure (in the bearing grappler kit) that caused me to wreck a bearing.


I broke the retainer clip for the ebrake cable. If anyone knows how to get it in or where to get one that would be great.


Because I'd done the parking brake drums on my brothers car I thought I could just toss some new parking brake parts in my car and get back to normal. I tore it apart on one side on my car and the brake is complete rust ball, no brake shoe material at all. Even the spring on the end of the cable is rusted and weak its probably not going to return the brake, the backer plate and dust shield is definitely not going to prevent entry of salt spray at all... Which caused this condition in the first place.


Parts list

300 new backer plates from Subaru nobody else makes them.

170 new wheel bearings and wheel seals. You have to pull the hubs to replace the backer plates which wrecks the hubs.

100 for rotors shoes brake hardware

150 for new rear ebrake cables unless I can find springs.. If those springs even come off of there without buying an entire assembly.

50 bucks for odds and ends like axle nuts


Or I could just spend 100 and it will risk getting all corroded again and failing quickly.


Or just run without ebrake and the sketchy rear discs The car has 261k is rusty and burns gobs of oil. the discs are functioning as the should and the pads have life left,They are just rusty, flaky, ridged ...

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A possible solution for the backing plate. Cut into 2 pieces with a cut off wheel. You'll have a very small gap when installed which should not affect functioning. If you want to fill, just jb weld it.



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