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bad smell - no leaks, makes me feel sick

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Hi all,


Ive got an 05 legacy gt (wagon) that has been emitting this chemical like smell for a few months. It doesn't smell like exhaust, oil, gas, or antifreeze. Ive taken the car into 4 different shops, including a subaru dealership, and no one can figure it out. The smell has gotten progressively worse and the car is now undriveable. Its winter, and to drive it, i have to turn off the heat and drive with the windows down. anybody ever heard or experienced this?



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You know, it kind of is. Also, the dust on the dashboard is greasy, too.


Probably your heater core. You have antifreeze leaking into the ventilation system.


You can bypass the heater core and run with no heat (at least you can keep the windows closed :)) or replace it.

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Did someone or something die in the car ?


Mice like to hang out in the heater box. Pull the blower motor and make sure there's no surprises in there.


The blower motor is a 10 minute job.

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Well.... I've been wondering why the inside of my windshield has been getting covered in an oily film lately. Haven't really been getting any weird smells but the inside of my windshield definitely gets oily and makes it hard to see. I really don't want to do a heater core on this thing.... Damn.
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