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Jaybird's rebuild journey

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Hey Guy's

Well the time has finally come for my Rebuild. What an arduous journey it has been getting to this point.

So many of you guys can attest to the Stress both mentally, physically, oh and let us not forget Financially, that comes with LGT ownership and the inevitable #YNANSB .

From a financial stand point this doesn't make a lot of sense to most.

With the exception of you guy's(some of you guys I hope) and my Girlfriend.

Friends and family alike think I'm Bat shit crazy for having this car rebuilt....but they just don't know, and I'm certainly not going to let them drive mine to find out.

Trust the shit eating grin on my face as I fly by you in your Prius as if you were standing still. :lol:



Here is my original thread:



Loaded the car up on a trailer yesterday, and drove it 130 miles up to Dave Brady's Shop, Enhanced Street Performance in Sterling MA.


Unfortunately, I didn't have the Time, transportation alternatives, and quite honestly the skill set to take on the rebuild myself....maybe next time!:hide:


Short Block that was ordered

P/N 10103AC050 nitrided crank I was told


I said **** it!!! I'm going stage 2


List of Mods:

ARP Head studs

Killer B oil pickup

CNT Catted DP

STI Catless UP ( donated by the Builder)

Perrin Turbo inlet PSP-INT-421BL

DW65c Fuel Pump (for peace of mind now, and room to grow down the road)

Custom Built VF40 and engine ground straps ( Thanks JmP!)

AVO TBH (Thanks specbamf41)

Blue Tee replacement (Thanks Turkeylord)

Mr. Gasket

Grimmspeed 3" DP to CB adaptor

accessport V2 SUB-002 (Thanks Joon525)

Grimmspeed EBCS


OEM Parts:

Set of used Camshafts (Thanks Tris!)

Purge Valve

PCV assembly

LF axle assembly

Exedy Clutch and SMFW FJK1001FW

outer timing cover ctr.

Used starter (Thanks scoobie2.0)


* IF needed after further inspection and contaminants are found*


Oil cooler



Break in Tune and Protune will be done by Mike the owner of Tuning Alliance.

ESP has a Mustang Dyno at the shop :eek: We'll see what happens, but that's a ways down the road.




Here are a couple of pictures of loading up and heading out yesterday.

*Absolute asset to have a chick that has your back during the #YNANSB process. I'm proud to say that I have one!!! :)









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Thanks Byron, and yeah it has crossed my mind about that clutch. It was a great deal from a member on here, BNIB for $500 shipped with SMFW included.

Just researched the Spec stage 2, cheapest I came across was $477. No financial wiggle room at this point. I made my bed and I'm going to have to lie down in it.

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Just add the Oil cooler on, I thought I was safe and I was way off. OCV's depending on miles needed to go as well. I'm debating on the Oil pan only because it had a dent and rust like some lifted it w/o wood. Also a pick up tube.
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I'm with ya on the oil cooler, and it's more than likely the OCVs are original(117k on the OD) I have allocated $400 for those 3 Items.turbo didn't grenade nor did I have a catastrophic failure. I had an oil analysis done by Blackstone-Labs a few weeks ago that came back clean for contaminants.

I did however throw a DTC P0021 a few days post oil analysis. I was able to pull the ds OCV ( inspected and cleaned reinstalled) ps I could not remove, I could not clear the bracket and the valve cover vent hose wouldn't budge. It was like petrified wood! Could not remove it from either end for fear of breaking it.

I cleared the code and drove roughly 25 miles and the DTC came back again, so I parked it for the last 2+ weeks until it was hauled up to the builder.

I will know more when the turbo comes out and the oil pan is dropped.

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Engine was pulled out yesterday, and was it a mess, poorly put back together and lots of missing/broken parts. I can't say that i am all that surprised.

After having this engine disassembled, the warranty company deny my claim (3rd party warranty), and me not having the money at the time for a new SB, Subaru reassembled the engine in less than a day and sent me on my way.


It was a miracle I was able to drive the car from August up until two weeks ago.



Additional parts added to the build after yesterday's findings:

Oil cooler hoses

Breather hoses

missing Turbo bracket

Fan connectors were broken and need to be repaired

left and right outer timing covers

Clutch fork

Clutch dust boot

power steering pump

Oil cooler

New Oil pan

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  • 2 weeks later...

Drove to work today for the first time in awhile, already put 300 miles on her since I got her back on Saturday. Love the deeper rumble, the car is snappy, and responsive just on the break in map alone.

Glad I decided to bump up to stage 2, and I can't wait to get this car dialed in on the Dyno once I have it broken in! :D


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Good to hear. Dave knows his stuff when it comes to these cars.


Do you plan to have Mike Kinsman do the dyno tune ?


Yes sir, Mike installed the base map for the Break in, and I'm scheduled to go back up after i put 1500 miles on the car for the Dyno tune.

Those are some good guys up there Byron! Thank you again for the Recommendation.

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