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How do I get into engine compartment w/dead battery?

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My '05 LGT's battery is dead. It won't operate the door lock.


I can't get the driver's door to unlock using the key. It's behaving as if it's the wrong key, even though it should be fine. (I tried all the keys that came with the car.)


How do I get into the engine compartment to install a new battery?


Worst comes to worst, I guess I'll have to call AAA, but I thought I'd check here first.


(Please feel free to move this message, if it belongs somewhere else.)

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Maybe try spraying lock de-icer or lithium grease into the lock then trying the key again

If the key fob is all that's ever been used to open the door the lock may have seized up over 10 years of non use


I'd try that first


This. WD40 or graphite spray can be a life saver too. Spray it in and insert and remove the key 10 times. Then try turning it.


Try pushing the key in, and then pulling it out about an 1/8th of an inch and wiggle it back and forth slightly while you try to turn the key. I assume you tried the passenger side too?


I feel like our cars wouldn't be hard to get into with a slim jim.


If all else fails...



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