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Brake changes from 05 Legacy GT to 08 Outback?

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Hey gang,


I'm a relative Subaru noob so forgive me if this is a common question. But is there a significant difference between the brakes on a 2005 LGT and a 2008 Outback?


We have both in stock right now the the brakes on the 2005 have much longer pedal travel than I'm used to. They work fine once they start to grab, but the 2008 starts to grab about where I would expect, vs. the 2005 that almost feels like it has a leak somewhere until it firms up.


From what I've read the feel of the brakes is normal. Did Subaru put bigger calipers on the GT without a larger master cylinder of something? I even read that Road and Track complained about the pedal feel back when they first tested the 05 GT.


I have bled the brakes on the 05 with no change. Pads are good, over 50% but not new. A quick search on a parts site showed that master cylinders interchanged but not calipers, hence my question.



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2005 = 10 years old.


My 2005 brakes are great. Slotted front rotor's Hawk ceramic pads, stock brake hoses, 10 years old.


What pads are you running ?


What color is your brake fluid, rusty or golden ?

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I was gonna upgrade my 2.5i brakes to LGT but after a brake fluid change and a set of Duralast Gold CMaxs on the front then pulling and lubing all the caliper slide pins front and rear its 100 times better. I had 3 of 8 slide pins frozen and one front piston in the caliper frozen.


Why not look into some things before you just start throwing money at the car?

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