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2015 Plans for your Legacy GT

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What do you have in mind for 2015? Goals, mods, track days, auto-x, sell it, etc?


I myself have the engine done and its on to brakes and suspension, but the real goals for 2015 will be the body mods. My true goals are to build a splitter (not lip), rear diffuser, 4" or taller rear spoiler, side skirts, and a grill. None of the current aftermarket parts really speak to me so it's time to design my own. A widebody kit w/flares ala rocket bunny may also be in the works.


I also want to get in a track day or two at Road America, but gonna needs the brakes and suspension done before I tackle that.


But what are your goals/aspirations for the upcoming year?

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This year, it'll either be an engine swap or rebuild, I'm just about to cross 270,000 kms, shes running strong but piston slap and a turbo thats pushing oil, is pushing me in the swap direction. If that gets done earlier enough in the year, I should be able to do some body and suspension work as well!
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Honestly, my plans for 2015 involve me buying a 2015 or 2016 WRX (sorry guys!).

That being said, I don't plan on giving up the Legacy unless the dealership offers $4500+ on trade in which I don't see happening on a car that will likely have about 210k miles by that time.


With the Legacy no longer my daily driver, it'll free it up for me to do something silly to it. It's not a GT so performance parts are pretty much non-existent. "Fast" is not in the cards. Or maybe sell it and buy a wagon.

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I've only had my car for two months so there's a list...


Bulletproof TMIC

16g Turbo

Bigger oil lines

Perrin Turbo Inlet

Grimmspeed 8mm Phenolic Spacers

TGV deletes

Catless Up-Pipe

Down-pipe -- definitely catted not sure which

Rear Sway Bar w/ Endlinks

Legacy Struts

H tech front springs Legacy stock rear

Oh yeah and I need a tint on the car too

I want a new set of wheels, probably sticking with 17's but I want a lower profile tire thab the stock OBXT are running.

My list is pretty long I hope to at least get the Up pipe and AP done in the next month so I can at least get a tune on it and feel better about my 100k mile catted up pipe not destroying my turbo.

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