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Service recommendations? Ramsey NJ or surrounding areas


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I am from south jersey and I am currently spending a few months in Ramsey, NJ for work. I am getting some smoke from under the hood and needing to get it looked at/repaired ASAP.

Ramsey Subaru is about 2 miles up the road on Rte 17. I generally don't like going to the dealerships for service. Is there any other shops in the area that you can recommend? If not, how has your experience been with Ramsey Subaru?




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AZP installs is not too far from there. PM them.



Thanks, I just sent him a PM... It'd definitely be nice to head down to them... just need to figure out the logistics...

Does anyone know if there is train service or anything between Kenilworth NJ and Ramsey?

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ther is a train, but its not direct. you have to go to NYC then out to ramsey i think.

I believe most of the North Jersey trains do a stop in Newark so you could change there. I'm not sure if there's a Kenilworth train, but there is a commuter train in Roselle Park, easy walking distance to/from AZP.

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Go up 17 to A&W in Goshen NY. They specialize in Subarus, have a couple of former Suby dealer master techs on the staff.


Very good work at a reasonable rate!


The bigger problem is that he needs someone local to him because the valve cover gasket, done correctly, needs to cure overnight on the car :(


-Mike Paisan



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