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Peaking boost wayy to high for a split second

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So I replaced my ignition coils yesterday night and when I got the car back up and running I monitored somethings including boost like always. I noticed that my "lowest" amount was -39 and "highest" was +39psi. This did not happen before.


I did a log and it only peaked at these values for less than a tenth of a second. Any Idea what is causing this?


I attached a log showing the action (Row 1016 and 1344)

1016 and 1344 boost peaks.csv

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The factory map sensor cannot read nearly that high. I have had other customers experience this as well since cobb updated to a fast logging protocol. It can be ruled out as noise like mentioned above.




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As indicated by Dave above, there's no guarantee that replacing the entire car would rid you of this "problem," which would more accurately be described as "barely a nuisance."


I haven't read my logs in over a year. I would move on to more pressing issues, like what's on TV or what is causing that smell behind your fridge.

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