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Ignition Coil Replacement, What brand did you go with?

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Hey guys, I just finally diagnosed a misfire problem with my Legacy. Turns out I need a new Ignition Coil for cylinder 3 since the old one is currently cracked to hell!


I can't seem to find the OEM Ignition Coil part #, was curious if anyone knows what it is? Also, if you went aftermarket, what company did you go with and how has it been so far?


I've seen Richporter Tech, Beck Arnley, etc.

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Stick to OEM.






Can be bought here. Or try a site vendor such as Underdog or Fred Beans Parts.




I always keep a spare in the parts bin. They are very fragile.


Thanks bud!

Looks like there are two numbers for #7. Which one did you go with?

*EDIT* Looks like they are both interchangeable

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They are all - the same

Subaru 22433AA641

Subaru 22433AA640

Subaru 22433AA541

Subaru 22433AA540

Subaru 22433AA480


Diamond FK033403R <-------------- I especially recommend to pay attention to this partnumber: it is exactly inside Subaru`s 22433-AA540


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Just go with an Auto Zone Duralast ignition coil. Granted my subaru is a 2.5i, but I purchased mine there and it is just re-boxed. Much cheaper than dealer same part. I opened the box, and to my surprise it said plain as day Subaru of America and had a Duralast D sticker on the side of it.
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