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Yellow Foglights!


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What are your preferred yellow (h3 fog) bulbs? My Nokya's provided a very rich yellow output, which I really liked, except they burned out after less than a month. :mad: Needless to say, i'm not going to be ordering Nokya's again since they didn't even last into winter where I had intended to use them! I've heard that the PIAA bulbs last equally as long, so they're out of the question as well. But with so many choices it's overwhelming, and it's hard to differentiate 'ebay special' bulbs from long lasting yellow bulbs.



I figured I might as well post this since I can't really find a post identical to this through search. So what types of bulbs do you guys recommend for both bright yellow output and longevity? Any added information is helpful!

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Several of us 5th Gen guys have had really good luck with Optilux (Hella) XB (Xenon White) and XY (Yellow) bulbs. They are inexpensive and seem to perform and last well.


I have the Optilux XY 9005, yes Yellow, in my high beams and love the definition they provide since I drive a dark canyon road and I need all the help I can get to spot wild boar and deer BEFORE they jump out in front of me. I used Nokya yellow bulbs in my fogs and I have gone thru 2 full sets in a year. The stock bulbs are currently back in the fogs until I feel like buying another set, which will likely by Optilux XY H11.

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