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Leviman's '05 OBXT Thread


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Well, might as well get this thread rollin. I finally managed to get a score on a turbo wagon! It's an '05 Outback XT with the cloth interior and 5MT. The plan is to bring it down to Legacy height with bilstein struts. I have a set of JDM struts that should be coming my way soon, payment was sent about a week ago but I'm not sure if they've sent yet :spin:. I also pulled most the parts I need to go to delete the subframe spacers at the junkyard. But they didn't have a manual to pull the x members from :rolleyes:. I've already ordered an uppipe and down pipe. My plan is to just do UP and DP with a tune, and basically stock everywhere else. I don't want anything crazy, but I hear that gets better gas mileage than stock, and more power for under $500 (before tune)? Hell yeah! The car also has a cobb adjustable shifter and a whiteline 20mm rsb, I'm not sure the PO had any clue!


Here's the only picture I have of when I got it.



It immediately snowed, so I put on my studded tires/wheels from my now sold Legacy 2.5i (205/50/17 haha). Well those just look silly with the current ride height, plus the offset is all wrong for the fenders. So new wheels/tires are in order. I think I'm going to run Motegi MR119 Rally cross wheels on it. I have a friend who has a set of 17x7 MR2747s which have the same dimensions as the MR119. Offset is 40mm. So I put one on the car tonight and took some pictures. I like the look, I don't think there will be any fitment issues. Here's a photo with the MR2747 on:




And with the MR119 photoshopped on as well as a lowering and blacked out grille (I'm thinking of doing the crown vic grille mod).




I'm diggin' the look. Probably will order the wheels tomorrow. Inside I'm going to do my own version of an aux-in hack, and hopefully an OEM under seat sub. Also, maybe some bluetooth-ness. I carried over the HIDs and rallyarmor flaps from my old 2.5i. I'll probably do something with the catback, as it's just to quiet. I think I like the sound of the stock cans with no resonator (on a de-catted dp/up), but it's hard to judge how loud it is on youtube videos. Also, I don't know if the LGT cans are different from the OBXT cans besides the tips. More to come soon once the parts start coming in :cool:.

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And just ordered the wheels! So, do you have spacers on top of your bilstein suspension? Still looks taller than an LGT


Yep, I have a .75 inch spacer in the front and I used to have 1.5 inch spacer in the back with JDM Spec B wagon springs. Yesterday I switched to king springs (KSRS29) which raised the back about an inch and I'll be putting in the rear .5 inch spacer. That should give me a ride height from center of the wheel to fender of 15f / 15.5r.


I had the spacers on for 3 years with no issues, so it's always an option if you don't want to drop to LGT height.


I had a lowered mustang and got sick of dealing with scraping body panels. As it is I retain some of the functionality of an Outback and a lot of the improvements of a lowered car.


I did a track day recently though...that made me want to remove all body spacers and slam it as low as I could.


I have a thread here about what I did. But it's kind of a mess. Need to start a new one. Here is a more organized one on SubaruOutback.org with my installation:



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I definitely don't want it to be to high. Your wheel gap looks similar to my photoshop, but also with a stock tire, that tire is about an inch taller each side. So, with you having a one inch spacer, that'd make perfect sense!
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Tiny update! Got some parts in today. Got my tsudo downpipe I ordered off ebay. I bought it because it was literally the cheapest DP I could find with a divorced wastegate with the divider. And I'm honestly impressed with the quality! Perhaps I'm just ruined by aftermarket VW parts, but this thing is pretty nice! I also got in a little module that will make my aux in mod work, but I'm waiting on a part from china for that hack to really get going. I just placed an order for some gaskets that should hopefully ease my valve cover (please don't be head gaskets) leak and make the dp/up install go smoothly. Still waiting to hear if my struts shipped... been a week since payment. And lastly, I've decided I need to replace the famous LCA bushings, as my front suspension is all clunky and loose.
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I'll disconnect the wastegate and make sure it clears. I'm not sure it'll fit directly to the VF40 without some grinding anyhow, as it's made for a 2008 sti (VF48?), but that's fine by me. I have a toasted td04 laying around that I tried it on, and the flange spaced it off by about 3/8". So if my exhaust housing is similar, I'll have to grind. Maybe I'll use some machinist's dye and take a bunch of pics with that on there so it looks like I know wtf I'm doing hahaha
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Alright, well what the hell is a thread without photos? It's worthless!


So here are some photos of the parts that happened today! Managed to pick up a mint set of 235/45/17 blizzaks for the Motegis and get them mounted.


MR119s Before center caps




I'm not sure what I think of the Motegi center caps, they're a bit big and un-subtle. Unfortunately OEM Subaru caps don't clip in. The Motegi caps are designed to be bolt on anyhow.






From Germany, to Japan, to Canada, to Alaska. What a ride these have been on!





A close up of the downpipe's bell



Here you can see the divider. It's not the pretties thing, got a good deal of casting flash, but I can't imagine that will hurt anything.



O2 bung, nice welding.



And the flange, really nicely welded all the way around. Hopefully this will seal well with just a flat flange and no donut.



Hopefully I'll get most of this stuff installed this weekend. Stay tuned for more pics! Hopefully I'll keep up the DSLR quality too.


Edit: Just checked the part numbers, it appears these are Rev.B JDM GT struts. Cool, the earlier ones are supposedly stiffer!

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Got the new wheels and tires on today! I dig the look and fit. For reference they're et40 17x7 wheels with 235/45/R17 tires.





Should be able to get the new struts on this weekend and get it down. Can't wait to see the stance!

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Got the bilsteins in today! Wow what a difference that made! Even without a proper alignment it is waay more stable.



Gotta do the side by side shot. What struck me was how much lighter the Bilsteins were!



Aaaand installed



Rear side by side



Installed (along with legacy UCA)



And on the road!





Been a long day, also did my valve cover gaskets.

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12am, it's a long exposure. JDM LGT suspension, yes. I need a spacer or something for the rear though. I think the rear struts are height adjustable though, I see a circlip online, but that may just be the HDs.
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