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Jovver's '06 Outback 2.5i Limited- The Pickle


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Any pictures of the fender work in the rear? I have rolled the lip flat. But haven't pulled the rear yet. Just curious what you did. Fronts have been cut, rolled, and pulled.


I will try to get some when I rotate my wheels in a few days.

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As requested, here are a few pics (not the greatest quality) of the fender flare cutting and rear quarter arch rolling and pulling. There are 3 layers shown here; the plastic fender flare, the sheet metal body, and the plastic well liner. The corner by the rear bumper cover was rolled as best as possible, but luckily this wasn't the interference point. Most of my issues were towards the front of the arches.










Here is a bonus pic of the current state of the engine bay with the Grimmspeed AOS installed. A custom aluminum aftermaf intake will be replacing the stock plastic one within the next couple of months.



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Found your build after I saw your car and Googled your license plate because what else do you do when you see nice cars while driving lol. I'm the guy in the Red GTI with the "May the boost be with you" sticker that you see on your commute sometimes. Nice car man!


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The effort put into this spotting is amazing haha! Thanks for the kind words and nice to "meet" you. I'll keep an eye out for you in the future.

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Been keeping my eye on this build. Very interested for an update. My eyes are glued to your exhaust set up. I really want the boxer sound and won't be able to settle for anything other than a UEL if I modify my exhaust. Looking at getting some 2.5RS headers, but mating it to the OB exhaust would be tricky. Looking at some of the guys who have done this to their 2.5i Legacys, it seems as though the 2.5i Legacy exhaust mates right up to it. Considering doing some sort of Frankenstein exhaust after confirming some part numbers and other dimensions. If I don't do the Frankenstein method, then I will be looking into the custom 2 piece adapter you mentioned.
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