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Which Quad-Tip CATBACK should I switch to?


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Currently my '09 spec.B has an excellent condition SPT catback. I love the sound, but really want a quad-tip set-up.


Sooo... that said, I have found the following:


CNT - $899



Invidia - $714



Megan Racing - $615


wrong picture, correct pictures:



Stromung - $???

no longer produced? Can someone confirm this?


Anyway, I am leaning toward the Megan Racing unit... and not because it's the cheapest. I like it for the non-rolled tips (ie- CNT) and the lack of badging in tacky places (ie- Invidia).


But, that said... I am not sure how this exhaust is going to hold up. Can anyone speak on 2-4 years of salty winter usage and how it holds up?


Then there's sound... like I said, I really like the sound of the SPT unit. I don't want something obnoxious...


LASTLY... are there any quality options that I may have missed?



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Alright... so I think I like the flat-bottomed cans on the Invidia unit better than the rounded cans on the Megan racing unit. I'm thinking that can offset my hatred of the Invidia nameplate (until I decide how to cover or remove it).


I don't necessarily like the way the passenger side muffler piping runs... but if it tucks nice, I can live with it.


So, that said, where can I find the Q300 cheaper than $714??? :)

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I have had the Stromung exhaust since 2011 or whenever Infamous Performance did the group buy. Build quality is 2nd to none, top notch materials. Drift Motion is correct that it does hang a touch low in the cutout but it's not something that would be a deal breaker for me, I'd rather it be a little low than melt my bumper. I'm very happy with my exhaust, I ran with a catless DP for over two years, and now have a catted DP, I'd bet it's noticeably louder than your STP.


Here are the two main threads related to the group buy that contain photos and more information on the exhaust.





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stromung hangs low, as it doesn't clear the exhaust cutout


looks like a limped dick


:lol: First time I've heard of this, mine sits perfectly in the cutouts and fit perfectly on the car with no issues. Doesn't hang low at all. You just cray.

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:lol: First time I've heard of this, mine sits perfectly in the cutouts and fit perfectly on the car with no issues. Doesn't hang low at all. You just cray.



same, never heard of that complaint before either.

I think mine are about as tucked as u can get without risking melting of the cutouts. I used torque solution exhaust hangars.




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  • 3 months later...

I ended up getting the Invidia Q300 quad. Love it.


Fitting it was a PITA and customer service is non-existent.


I had to modify hangers, install a flange spacer on the driver side, experiment with different insulators... ugh... but it looks and sounds badass now.


No regrets.

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Too bad the Q300 had been on sale for a great price recently, and NOBODY has it in stock. Invidia is currently (or within the near future) putting the LGT 05-09 Q300 back into production (another batch). So annoying that vendors do this... selling parts they don't have that aren't available.
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