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Yay! New toys in the mail :) reviews to come

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Alright, all the fun parts are finally ordered and on the way. They should be waiting for my arrival when I return home next week :)

Dave from Cryotune is going to help me install the new turbo and tune her up for me, can't wait!:spin:

The goods::lol:

-BNR Evo16G turbo w/ IP&T oil line and filter kit

-DW65c fuel pump

-Grimmspeed EBCS

-Racer X FMIC


I already have::cool:

-Invidia catless UP

-ERZ catless DP


-Custom Cold Air Intake (very similar to Cobb SF)

-Cobb AP v2 w/ OTS maps


Car: 2006 2.5GT 5MT


I'll hopefully have these installed and going strong again within the next couple of weeks. As things come along I'll keep y'all updated, for those of you who might be interested in a setup like this.

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No I haven't gotten it dyno'd before. Wish I had but all the dyno days they had in Colo. last summer I couldn't make it to (dyno, not tune though, for $25) just to see who's making more HP.

From what I've read on here, a stage 2 LGT with the Cobb AP ots map is making roughly 220whp..? I don't know how accurate that is though.

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