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Clutch Install Shope Recommendations

Legacaurus Wrex

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Andrew Tech, just had my clutch pack installed with rear diff fluid change for $510 ordered the FJK1001 from Amazon with 5 qrts of Extra S.


No lie it took them 93 minutes to drop the gearbox swap the clutch and have it waiting on me at the front door, not to mention the swapped the rear diff fluid.


Now i did go in over the Xmas/New Year dead zone so they had two techs knock it out.


A fellow owner recommended me go there, it was a very good choice. Cool waiting area as well as good staff. When you drive up to a shop and they have that many STis and WRXs (built) in the lot you're at the right Subaru place. :)

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Yup taking my LGT back in the spring for hybrid 90/105K service Im only @ 85k miles but I want to knock maintenance out ahead of tuning.


Also I ran over and destroyed my tactrix 2.0 cable so I have to buy another one :mad:

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