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Thank you to everyone who helped!

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I'd like to give a shout out to all those that have assisted me with my bazillion questions in the last month. Having a turbo go out on a DD 3 days before Christmas is probably the worst way I can think of to try to fix, let alone upgrade any car.


Not having any lead/planning time I posted a lot of questions, took a lot of flak for not searching more and still got an awful lot of help. Barmanbean, Chato, Max Capacity, iNVAR, Rob05GT, kzr750r1 & a few other, thank you very much. Your knowledge & experience was invaluable.


For those that couldn't spend time to post an answer to any questions, but could seemingly spend countless minutes complaining that I didn't utilize the search feature enough, or simply miquoting me entirely, I sincerely hope that you are never in a position to need help quickly. And if you are, I hope that you find people like the ones mentioned above and not ones like yourselves. You know who you are and anyone who can read does too so I won't mention names here.


Like they say... there are good guys and A-holes everywhere. I found both here (like on any forum) and I am very grateful to the good guys for helping me on my way since I have been without a car for a month getting everything together. Between learning what to do, what parts to go with, which brands, FINDING them, ordering and awaiting delivery and the inevitable surprises along the way (all the rock hard hoses for one), it took a while.


I am picking my car up tomorrow and off to the tuners on Monday after a couple of fast oil changes. Without the help of those here I undoubtedly would not have done some things that needed doing to ensure long term reliability and the best performance from my very minor upgrades.


Again, thank you sincerely very, very much.

All the best


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The people here are pretty great!



Yeah, if you want the other end of the spectrum goto the vwvortex forum. Worst one that I can think of.

10' CTS-V, A6, Airraid, 2.4 upper, ID850's, self tuned.


SOLD:06' LGT Wagon. BNR16G, Catless UP, DOWN, Hexmods VB, Hexmods diff bushings, BIG TMIC.

Best 0-60: 4.651 by AP

1/4= 13.678@100.73 mph, 1.945 60', Automatic transmission.

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That's funny you mentioned that vw forum being terrible at finding sound advice or help. My buddy just got a new jetta and so far, (his words) everything else is crap and it takes heavy mods to make my legacy fast as a vw.


After mentioning he wants to lower it, new built engine, turbo kit, blahblah.......sounds like a honda fanboy. And I own 3 classic hondas.


I went through all the need new engine and turbo recently. The same support came to me from the members that helped you. And I thank them and level headed people like yourself. Now on to my tune....

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Going to the tuner in the morning. Found out my tech here (I manage an NTB) that I took the job away from because he wanted to cut corners, bent the EGT sensor and damaged the clips on 2 coil packs so I am going to have to replace the harness as those clips are not replaceable and zip tying them in place is strictly a temporary endeavor. Hopefully we can rig up the coil packs to stay in place (throwing misfire code) and the EGT code won't pose any issue for tuning. Finished 3rd oil change today and it came out clean, clean. Caught some in a coffee filter and couldn't see anything whatsoever. All filled up with Rotella T6 and my fingers are crossed. Still going to have to spend some more money, but hopefully I can get it tuned and drive it for a month or so to save up. Guess I'm going to have to sell some guns. :icon_sad:
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EGT probe bypassed. Shop was able to replace the coil pack clips too... I don't know where he found them, but he did! Change my plugs too. I told him they were about 60K old and he said 'not anymore.... they're new!'.


Ran out of fuel on the stock pump & injectors but ended up 239HP and 287 lbs ft at the wheels. From a stock estimate of what - about 170hp & 190lbs ft? I'd say that's a pretty decent increase. And like he said would probably happen, he kept boost low because the stock injectors & pump were not up to any more top end. Just like everyone said. :D


Soooo... now that all the worry and initial expense is done and I have a reliable daily driver again, I can pay off some CC bills and save some money for injectors, fuel pump and bigger TMIC. A retune at that time should net me some more nice gains.


In the meantime, I am just going to drive around like a little old lady.




No really I mean it!

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