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Problems programming new remote

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I am trying to set up a flip key for my 06 Legacy 2.5i, and am running into problems programming the remote. I ordered a used OEM 09 Legacy key, and a flip key shell from eBay. I cut the transponder chip from my valet key into the flip key shell and used the remote portion of the 09 key. Here is my problem:

-Key will start the car fine

-I run through the programming procedure, using the 8 digit code from the 09 key

-Programming completes with a lock/ unlock (indicating that the code was accepted, from what I have read)

-Remote will not lock or unlock the car

-I had the battery tested and it appears to be working (at least according to the test device in Autozone)


Any ideas on what would cause the remote not to work? The only thing I have done to the car is a DRL disable by unplugging the module. I did try plugging it back in and attempted the program procedure again, it still did not work.


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Take the fob out and put it in it's original case and see if it works. I once bought one of those cases for my Nissan, the tolerances were crap and battery wasn't touching the remote, thus it wouldn't work.

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I have this same issue with a remote I purchased from ebay. The car will accept the code, yet the remote will not lock or unlock the vehicle. The FCC id's match up, and the remote does work according to advance auto test display. I'd like to know whats up also. The only thing i can figure with my remote is that the circuit board on the remote lists 2 lines of numbers, the top being the 8 digit code, bottom is unknown use. The oem remote only lists one line of number.
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I realized that in my case I was a dummy and was trying to use a laser cut key, which will not work. Once I bought the right (non-laser) key I had no problems getting it to work and really enjoy the new key.
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