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Plastic Undercover

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Hey everyone. Today when I got home I saw something was hanging down on the front end of my '05 wagon. I gave the plastic piece a little tug and it popped right off. Turns out it was my plastic undercover marked "COM L"


I see that it came off because the main bolt that was holding it, rusted through. My question is should I even bother trying to reattach it? Is it really critical?





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Not completely necessary but it does offer some underside protection and helps with airflow and cooling. Car will be fine without it though.


Ok thanks. I'll probably look into reattaching it when the weather gets warmer.

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Main reason I'd want it on the car now would be road salt and grime.


Looking at some of the surface rust on the pictures on this forum make me cringe. We don't have to deal with this at all in the central valley. Only time my car will see inclimate wheather is if I choose to take it there and rain, if ever.


I'm considering making some wings for my primitive performance unit. Probably while I fill the holes that are pretty much useless, for changing the oil and filter. Don't get me wrong you can change the oil without taking it off but what a piggy mess.

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