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Trans/Diff Question for you 07+ SpecB Guys


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I am thinking of doing an STI torsen in the front diff to get rid of the front wheelspin in corners. My question is what is the easiest, cheapest way to attack this? If i buy just the diff I will have it professionally installed in my Spec.B Transmission which i assume is fairly pricey labor wise. I could just do an STi trans swap, which I could do myself, and sell my Spec.B Trans to recoup some money. Then I get DCCD while i'm at it. The only thing I don't like about that is the shorter gears. I already wish the Spec.B 6th was taller.
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Andrewtech quoted me $400 labor to install and front LSD into the spec.b transmission I had. That was in conjunction with the transmission swap I was doing which was $700 for the labor.


It's a bit less labor to just drop the trans instead of doing a full swap, but not a ton (just no rear differential work), So I would ballpark somewhere around $1000 to have the trans pulled, worked on, then reinstalled.

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