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New Rally Armor Mud Flap Install

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I couldnt really find an informative enough write up so i thought id do one as i went figured it might help another soob noob.


So this is what you'll need to do it the way i did:


A box of self drilling/sheet metal screws #14x3/4" (They are 10mm and are stainless steel)


12 Stainless steel flat washers mine say AEC


A jack




10mm socket


1/8in drill bit


2 5x5" flat 45 degree bracket (found at home depot by door hinges)



Ok to start off it really helps to have a buddy to hold while your drilling and to help make sure flaps arent crooked.


Step #1 Break lug nuts loose,jack car up,and take wheel off (I started with the front but it doesnt matter.


Step #2 As you may or may not know they're are 2 holes from the stock flaps that most people use for mounting 2 outside holes anyways when we mocked up the flap for the front we measured 4inches from the bottom of flap to the bottom of the sideskirt.





Step #3 While the flap was in the spot we wanted i indented the flap where i was to drill mounting hole and made an etch at the top edge of mud flap so i knew where to put it back up after i drilled the flap out.



Step #4 Bolt in first fastener i did top first make sure you use a washer (dont worry about it being straight since you can still move it left and right), next i bent the bracket to fit the curve in wheel well the pass side wheel well was deeper than front so it needed bent a little more. Once you have the bend right i put a little sealant on the bolt put flat washer in and drill the bracket to inside of wheel well.






Step #5 TRIPLE CHECK YOUR MEASUREMENTS TRUST ME! http://legacygt.com/forums/images/smilies/nono.gifThe bottom of the flap should be 4 inches from bottom of side skirt reference picture in steps above. The outside of the flap should be 2 and a half inches from the side of sideskirt reference picture below



Step #6 Now fasten the bracket to the top inside of mud flap with a fastener and flat washer, reference pic above. AFTER YOU DO THIS THE MUD FLAP CANNOT BE ADJUSTED SO MAKE SURE YOU LIKE HOW IT SITS!! Now for the last fastener to the inside side skirt both (second pic) i drilled it first but thats optional it works either way. Now repeat for opposite front side!! It should look like this...



Now for the back... Once the car is down on all 4 wheels mock up the rears i messed up the first time because i followed the same measurements for the bottom of flap to bottom of skirt which was four inches. But the rear bumper comes up higher so the mud flap has to be 6 and a half inches from bottom of flap to bottom of skirt but still 2 and a half inches from side of skirt to outside of mudflap. If you measure the bottom of flap to ground your measurement wont always be accurate since the ground isnt level.


Step #7 After you have your flap marked lift car up take off wheel on the back the same to side mounting holes are there, the rears do not require a third bolt so just make sure you triple check your measurements and bolt it uphttp://i1058.photobucket.com/albums/t420/Jmalav/photo-12_zpsfac29956.jpg


And when your done you should look like this







Anyways i hope this helps you guys out. Feel free to pm me with questions soory it was so long not used to doing this if you cant see the pic let me know ill try and fix them ive never uploaded to a forum before thanks guys!!

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I've been gone a while.... Subaru has been in the body shop the last 8 months. My dad is getting rid of some of the little rust spots here and there. It's supposed to be done at the end of the week. Then I get to resume my other little projects I have with the car. :)
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