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Greddy evo 2 rattles mid range 1st - 3rd

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I'll start by saying that I'm new to subarus and modding in general but anyway...


I picked up a greddy evo 2 cbe from a forum member and I absolutely love it! The one problem I'm having is it rattles at mid rpm range 1st through 3rd..:confused:


I used the stock hangers, bolts and nuts when we put the greddy in.. the only exception were the two bolts with springs that connect the stock mid pipe to the stock downpipe. We also reused the gaskets between each section of the exhaust but they looked to be in good condition. At least to me...


I've tightened and re-tightened every bolt but the rattle still persists. why why why!?


The greddy is an amazing sounding exhaust but this eff'ing rattle makes it sound a little ghetto :(


Any advice or troubleshoot tips would be greatly appreciated!

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can you tell what part of the exhaust the sound is coming from?


could be an internal baffle that's weld came loose.

could be a cat disintegrating.

could be a heatshield with improper clearance.

could be a ton of things.


sound clip would be the most helpful.

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Thanks for the quick reply


could be a car disintegrating.


That doesn't sound good.


I want to say is coming from the drivers side rear but I could be wrong. I don't have easy access to a lift and I'm hesitant to crawl under a running car while its on jack stands. I'll get a video clip up in an hour or so.

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If the sound was not present before you put the cat-back on, I would assume that is is baffling that has come loose in the muffler (the main downfall to buying used mufflers).


If you take the muffler off and shake it around, you might be able to hear small pieces of metal rattling around. That is assuming that is the cause.

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Hey Beeker! just saw this hope the exhaust is working out alright. I had my exhaust guy removed any metal bits and check everything before I took it off for you. I def didn't have any rattles before I took it off. Glad to see it looks like it's working now. -Nick
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