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Plugs & wires

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Looking for the best plugs and wires for my 2005 GT Wagon. Currently all it's all stock except for a mild tune peaking 16lbs of boost. What is the consensus for which plugs and wires would be best for my application? Any help/direction will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Rob
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So after some research I see that most have you have used one of these 1Step colder plugs: NGKSILFR7A or the NGKLFR7AIX

Which one is better to support up to 20lbs of boost with supporting mods? Any help would be really appreciated.



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I run colder plugs because they were cheaper and less prone to knock.


My wagon is my DD all year.


LegacyGTR, here's what the coil packs look like.



305,600miles 5/2012 ej257 short block, 8/2011 installed VF52 turbo, @20.8psi, 280whp, 300ftlbs. (SOLD).  CHECK your oil, these cars use it.


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