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Replacing bent valves vs replacing the whole head with a junk yard part?

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So I have a right side 2005 SOHC 2005 cylinder head with 8 bent valves in it staring at me asking what I should do next....


I got the whole head Left side for it from a salvage yard shipped for only $130 so i bought it.


The right side is coming up at $300 shipped to me from a salvage yard and then you still don't know if you have perfect head with flat surfaces and great valves?


I've never replaced valves but whats general consesus of how involved and what it costs to have a machine shop do the work or can it be diy with all the honing of the valve seating surfaces and valve lash correction etc.


If it sounds like i have no idea what I'm talking about thats cause I don't.


I'm a shade tree mechanic thats good at working a rachet and getting bolts off... rebuilding a cylinder head... hmmm well in theory i'd like to think i could learn how to do it...

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The cylinder head keeps staring at me and saying


"why'd you do this to me"


"why didn't you just change your timing belt at 80 thousand miles instead of waiting to get to 105,000"


He's such a sad little cylinder head feeling so unfunctional and broken. Poor little guy.

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I'm sorry guys you can delete this thread if you want. I'm reading how complicated replacing valves looks to be and no way should I be even looking ar replacement valves.


Anyone know where to buy a 05 legacy cali emmisions right side SOHC cyclinder head for less then 200?

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Called machine shop, $155 for the valve work, estimation of $11 for valve (i need all 8) and $1.5 per valve seal.


Thats probably a lot better then getting junk yard heads right?


Also aftermarket brand valves and seals, all 16 can be had for $80 in ebay.


Anyone have any experience with aftermarket valves? Is that a foolish place to try and save money when I'm already spending a lot elseware.

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If the heads are otherwise good then it's a good way to go - the machine shops usually knows their stuff around valves, so don't worry there.


Check if the valve guides are good or if they need to be replaced, but the machine shop can probably decide that for you as well - the guides themselves aren't that expensive either.


And that way you will have fresh heads, just remember to replace all other seals too.

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Ebay is not the place to get these. If something goes wrong...good luck with ebay.


Let a good machine shop rebuild your heads. My buddies machine shop does it all, they will build the engine if you want. If something goes wrong you have someone you can talk to fix it. good luck with that on ebay.


Where do you live, another member just shipped his heads to my buddies shop and got them back in a timely fashion.


They do at least one Subaru head a week, normally more.

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So i took the advice of many and got my heads rebuilt and machined at local machine shop with the broken valves replaced. Feels great to have good fresh heads.


But they took the timing belt pulleys off the gear outside the heads that run the cams. I haven't looked at them yet, but how to i know where exactly to put the pulley back on the cam gear? Does it only fit in one position? Is there a mark or something.


I'm a little worried about doing it wrong if there isn't.

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