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2005 Legacy GT Limited Wagon


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Hello, I have a 2005 Legacy GT Limited Wagon and I am going to be upgrading it. I am thinking about running stage 2 accessport with an intake, unequal header, downpipe, and exhaust. If you guys could let me know what is the best bang for the buck I would really appreciate it!
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Ya, I'm looking to produce about 315 hp out of it so I'm just weighing out my options. I have also thought about getting a new tmic and bigger injectors. Either way I will be getting a tune just wanted to see if anyone on here had any experience with either of these types of builds.
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If your aiming for 300whp your gonna need a little more then that. I made 310whp and 318 torque at the wheels unless your taking about crank power. Here's my power mod list


Vf52 turbo

Turbo back exhaust


Fuel pump

Perrin tmic

Perrin pulley

Kstech intake with shield

Gimmick inlet tube

Cat less up pipe

Clutch masters fx350

Innovative tuning protune

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OP, are you doing this yourself? or having a shop do it? If having a shop do it, look at Outback Automotive in Auburn. They can help you with a parts list that will match your power goals, and they do in-house tuning.


As Idiot4hire says, you need a bit more to get over 300. Also going to want to work on your suspension & brake hardware upgrades.


If you want a ride in a ~300hp wagon before deciding what you need, I can meet up with you. Most people walk away mumbling about getting a HTA68 afterwards. :-)


regardless, forget the intake, as that's not where the restriction is. An uppipe, downpipe, and tune are considered stage 2. And make for a fun car.


300 and above starts to cost serious dollars. If you have a 5eat, you need ClimberD's upgrades which run about $1500. If have the 5mt, expect to be buying clutches & rebuilding your transmission if you drive it hard (why would you upgrade if you didnt?). You'll also see your gas mileage start to fall.


I average 20mpg, however, I don't 'baby' it.


Also, you probably want to start reading the "how to build your car" threads. Pretty much everyone has modified their car, has a thread on the trials & tribulations of their experience.

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I will have it done at a shop of some kind. I work for Infiniti in sales and I have a tech that has worked on subarus so I may have him do the installation and then have it tuned. And yes, I have been looking into brakes and suspension as well, I just don't know exactly what I'm looking for. I probably will go stage 2 and then go from there. Thank you for the inputs!
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What color exterior, and 5eat or5mt?!?!?!


Do an up pipe for sure, the '05-06's had a catalytic converter in the up pipe.

I picked up a stock STI up pipe, as they are catless, for $40 locally.

Also, I just put a new BNR16g on mine because said cat converter from OEM up pipe took out the VF40 :-/

Self proclaimed PNW Craiglist find of the day Champion, April 2014.
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IMO don't bother with a intake until your making huge HP.


Pretty much everything else is what's said above.


The tune after the Up pipe will fix the CEL for the egt probe you removed. Or do the 2.2k ohm resistor trick.


Oh, 5mt or 5eat ?

305,600miles 5/2012 ej257 short block, 8/2011 installed VF52 turbo, @20.8psi, 280whp, 300ftlbs. (SOLD).  CHECK your oil, these cars use it.


Engine Build - Click Here

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I could take you for a ride in my wagon after I get my AP back from Cobb and finish my e-tune.

I'm runnng a BNR evo16g on stock fueling.



I live in Portland, so I was able to get Cobb to do a custom, temporary e-tune until I can get it in for them to pre-tune inspect then tune.


With the 'limp' map they created, it is hesitating pretty bad between 2-3k RPM but is ok otherwise. They set the limiter at 5500 rpm, too.


Mine is Perrin up. down, BNR Evo 16g, soon stromung full exhaust (in box now), 1000 top feed injector kit, bullet-proof stock tmic, everything else stock except for the forged pistons and rebuilt heads and motor. ;)


Cobb hinted I need a new hi-pro fuel pump and was amazed the car even ran. ;)


I'll have to check the stickies for fuel pump recommendations.


I can't wait until they finish tuning my car!

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