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Rear ended in Columbia Friday


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On our way to the beach Friday and this guy not paying attention to the stop and go traffic smoked me at around 45mph. It then in turn bumped me into the car a head of me. (She said she was fine and took off though. My front bumper not so lucky). So my quesiton is, will they try and fix the car? It is running terrible, 10 -12 mpg, putters a lot.


My CNT exhaust is done for, bent it pretty bad, should I take any other parts off before state farm comes out to look at it?


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If you were really hit at 45 mph and there is both front / rear end damage I would guess its going to be fairly easy for an insurance company to total it depending on mileage... :(


Do you have a lot of aftermarket stuff installed?

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Not currently in stock :(

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Not really Cobb AP, full exhaust, wheels and tint. I still have all the stock parts though.


I have 138K miles on the car now, and no worries I really wouldn't be all that sad if they did total it. It doesn't seem to be running well and also a car never seems to be as good after an accident. (Also the value goes way down)


And 45mph is what the State Trooper estimate impact as, I saw him coming and screamed to my wife to hold on. He locked up his brakes and then hit me. Traffic was moving stop and go from 40 or so to a total stop and then the same.

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It really depends on it the frame is damaged - on the rear that pic, you can see the bumper beam definitely is toast and it might have bent the frame where it bolts in.


The bumper cover would need replacement, and probably the styrofoam absorber also. The rear hatch, that damage doesnt look awful but it depends on if it bent anything affecting the orientation and latch/lock.


Definitely slap some stock wheels on and divorce the AP if they are going to take it, minimum. UP, DP ?


If they take it, -1 for the LGT wagons, there are fewer and fewer :(

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I will put on the stock wheels tonight, I can pull the DP but I am not going to attempt the up..that is a PITA.


No worries, I am looking at another wagon for sure. I wish they made 08+ though, I might end up in a OBXT now.


As for bumper beam yeah its toast, it is broken off on one side and I had to hold it up with a bungie cord. The bumper cover and styrofoam started melting on the muffler.

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