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This is for all you Ford guys.

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This a one of a kind, factory built Mustang. I work for the Tasca Auto group and if anyone knows anything about Fords you would know that Bob Tasca invented the Cobra Jet motor and sold it to Ford in the late sixties. Mr. Tasca was responsible for getting Ford's racing programs off the ground. Ford wanted nothing to do with racing but he incessantly sent letters and visited Mr. Ford until her finally said "OK ALREADY!" Persistance pays off I guess :).


The original Bob Tasca passed away back in 2010 but hes left a large family of car guys, three sons and many grand children to continue his legacy. I work for his grandson Michael Tasca and I will say he is a car guy to the core.


Ok so back to this Mustang. Built in the Ford design studio, exclusively for Bob II for his 60th birthday. So all you Ford guys should be grateful for a guy like Bob Tasca the first. Hope you enjoy the pics. If there is something you want to see or ask about it ask today because this car doesn't come out top play often and it is here today :lol:




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