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Build Log V.1

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Base: 1995 Subaru Legacy L/ EJ22E/ Automatic Transmission



  • JDM EJ25DE
  • Speedyracer UEL Headers/heat wrap
  • Magnaflow High Flow Catalytic Converter
  • 2.5" Mandrel Bent Exhaust Pipe
  • Vibrant Performance 1046 Muffler
  • Snorkus Delete
  • Cold Air Intake/ OEM 22E J-pipe
  • MSD Ignition Coilpack
  • Perrin Lightweight Crank Pulley
  • AT 'Sport Mode'/Remapped Shift Points


  • JDM Projector Headlights/Black Housing/Demon Eye
  • JDM GT-B Limited Front Bumper
  • JDM Projector Fog Lights
  • JDM Corner and Center Tail Lights
  • JDM Sidemarkers
  • JDM Flush Door Trim
  • LegacyGT OEM Upper Hatch Wing
  • MPC Headlight Covers/Vinyl Eyelids


  • 2003 WRX Front Seats
  • 2004 WRX Center Console
  • Nokya AT Shift Knob
  • Red Backlit Gauges and HVAC Lights
  • Carbon Fiber Gauge Faces
  • Black Doorcards and interior pieces


  • KYB GR-2 Struts/H&R Sport Lowering Springs
  • OEM Subaru Tribeca 25mm Front Swaybar/Bushings
  • RalliTEK 22mm Rear Swaybar/Busings
  • 2004 STi Kartboy Rear Endlinks -(Front)
  • 2004 WRX Whiteline Endlinks - (Rear)
  • Raceline Steering Rack Bushings
  • GC8 Aluminum Control Arms
  • Custom Fender Braces
  • GC8 Front Strut Bar
  • 2006 WRX Rear Strut Bar


  • RalliTEK Light Bar
  • (4) PIAA 5" Offroad Lights
  • 6000k HID/ Cutoff Swap


Photo Timeline:










































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there is, but its really just as simple as lining up the mounting holes and trimming the front part to line up with the radio trim


the one ive got came from a AT, hence the raised up shift trim, gotta source a MT one to get the boot on right

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lol cup holders... I found the 1st design cup holders to be pretty decent. My only complaints concern the condensations drips, being non-adjustable, and making it a bit hard to see the radio. The 2nd design cup holders are cheap, flimsy pieces of garbage... But, I never found them horrible to the point where I'd stick an out of place looking Impreza console in. Then again, my Camaro had a grand total of zero cup holders. So, I was glad to have some.
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how does that look out of place?


especially next to it's respective seats ... it even uses OEM mounting holes. I painted it black, it looks good.


I mean..yeah, the shifter trim would look better if it were from an MT, but that's an easy fix..

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The colors don't match the rest of the interior..


The overall flow and shape of it doesn't go along with the rest of the interior..


That's about it. But remember, I am extremely nit-picky.. To every ridiculous detail. And I'm just a tad OCD as well.

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i dunno, man, once I painted it to match it comes together pretty nice..


I don't think the pics do it justice but whatev, i like it.


but fo real doe.. that cupholder... you dunno what you've been missing til you have that one available, lol

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Nah, they don't. Did you take one after it was color matched?


And yeah, you have no clue... My Honda has 6. And I have yet to find a cup or whatever that won't fit in the two center console holders. Right now though, since my Honda is not running, I've been driving the Camaro again. I actually bought a sealed 1 Liter mug from Walmart so I can sit it between my legs without getting burned by hot drinks or spilling anything. It sucks man...

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