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2010 Legacy Auto

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ok, thanks to everyone for your help and understanding , Ive decided to FLIP THE CAR =- as advised by one who knows and understands my situation clearly ...


in response to the guy who thinks "" Im jerking the thread "" --- Im not trying to mess up the thread, forum or what ever .I needed help and there were a few things on my mind that I had to get into the thread following my 1st post . Im sorry if that was not apparent and some how got under the skin so I apologize for the quirkyness of how all us humans think ( on one level or another ) . I dont normally subscribe to any forums on cars - but im glad I did in this case ,as I found out there really was nothing to help me get this car improved hp wise. ((( I did the research ))) and it was not what I had been told by another subaru enthusiast............................


Finally , I will flip this car and get a 2010 / 2011 honda acord v6 . improvements are possible and the parts are there if wanted / needed .


Again, thanks to everyone who gave me imput on my car and my situation . I especially appreciate the 2 gentlemen that told me great info on how many cars they had been through and to flip it . Maybe I will see one of you two on the road some day...who knows !

Thanks for all your help.

I will get off this forum and deleate the account so as to not bother any one in the future .

Best of luck guys with the potent 4 mods , keep it up !


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Thank you for the update. The comment was not specific to you, now that you have provide more details. There is a long history of a few people who's screen name has been banned. They rejoin the forum and have started threads that is a wild goose chase or sabotage others.


Flipping the car is a good choice. The AWD is a strong point of the Legacy. It is an average to under average powered car. If more power is important, then the Accord is not a bad choice. The Accord weighs 200 lbs more than the Legacy but with an additional 100 HP.


If AWD is important, then flipping to a 3.6R Legacy may have been an option.

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